Sunday, December 14, 2008

Credit Recovery Classes

I am annoyed to say that I got a memo on Friday telling me that my classroom will be used for Credit Recovery classes starting on Monday afternoon.

Credit recovery is a way for students who have failed classes to get the credits for the classes they failed with minimal effort. Sounds great, right? Who needs accountability?

Anyway, if you have failed a class (or are currently failing a class), you are eligible to sign up for credit recovery. You must come to an after-school class for 6 weeks, twice a week, for 1.5 hrs. (So, in total, 18 hours). If you do so, and you don't manage to get kicked out for any reason, voila! You have a credit. The credit is worth the same thing as passing a full year-long class.

No wonder I find it so hard to teach sometimes -- what, truly, is the motivation for passing a class the first time? It's so much easier to goof off for a year, and then take credit recovery!

(Or if Credit Recovery doesn't work, there is always Saturday School, Do-or-Die Tests, Summer School, After-School Programs, etc, etc, etc... Not to worry. That credit can be obtained even if you are OBSTINATE about not completing a single assignment. Good thing, too... otherwise the students might start thinking that there is some value in exerting effort, and that the teachers actually expect them to do so).

Anyway, if you are interested, please come to Room 205 tomorrow afternoon. :)

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Jessica said...

sounds like a sweet deal - I'll be there!

But for serious, teaching in an environment where the policies don't show adequate respect to students' ability to work, or to the value of the work itself, must be very difficult.